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This is Banjo and this is his story...

We just adopted Banjo in February 2004 so his story is fairly short.  Banjo comes from Nevada, is about 14.2hh and pretty skinny right now.  We need to get some weight on him!

He will eat hay from my hand but not very much and he's still very nervous about it.  He's not like Bonnie at all in that respect.  He'll come around soon, I'm sure.  He just needs to take baby steps.  

We put together a squeeze chute in the round pen so we could get close to him.  He did really well!Of course, he was a little jumpy at first but we got a halter on him in no time at all.














He's learning to lead and getting used to having us touch him all over.

Bobby Winn of Buckeye Trail Horse and Transport is now working with Banjo.  We haven't had the time to devote to training lately and Bobby is doing a great job with him.


Click here to see a short video clip of Bobby and Banjo.

Bobby continues to work with Banjo.  Trailer loading went great and now Banjo is over at Bobby's place.  He's been saddled and Bobby has been on his back.  Things are going great!


Banjo came home in August after a trip to Hocking Hills with Bobby.  He's turned out to be quite the nice horse.
  Doug saddled him up as soon as he got home and went for a little ride around the farm...

  They started out in the round pen and eventually headed out into the open pasture...








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Chama, Reckless and Banjo

Chama, Reckless (boarder) and Banjo

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