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Our Horses

Sunny, Bonnie and Banjo

We adopted Bonnie, our first Mustang, in September 2002 from the BLM as a three year old. Banjo is our Mustang gelding, adopted in February 2004 as a three year old. Sunny, our little Palomino pony, came along in July of 2004.  Sunny passed away in Feb. 2008 from old age.   Chama, an Appendix Quarter Horse moved to the farm in July 2005.  Three cats also call Mustang Valley home:  Lucky (in the house) and Missy and Bunny (resident barn cats).









Banjo and Sunny


Reckless, Chama and Banjo getting acquainted


Chama, Reckless and Banjo

Chama, Reckless and Banjo




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