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This is Sunny and this is his story...

Sunny came to live with us on the last day of June 2004.  We have a five year old niece and thought he would be just right for her.


We got my old saddle out, cleaned it up and did a few repairs.  Autumn was up and riding in no time.  Her feet still won't reach the stirrups and Sunny has to be led still but they enjoy each other.  Sunny loves the attention!

Getting the reins just right...

Sunny looks like a little buffalo with his full winter coat of hair.







Unfortunately, Sunny had a very rough winter in 2008.  We had been having trouble keeping weight on him and the vet had tried several different things to help but nothing worked.  Sunny finally gave up in February 2008 and passed away.  We miss him.



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Chama, Reckless and Banjo

Chama, Reckless (boarder) and Banjo

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